While I was in Church that dawn, I asked my mom to prepare the pasta for my cooking. As you can see, I'm rushing to finish things up before Christmas Eve. I have to cook two dishes before noon, because this is my gift for my partner for this Christmas. I don't want to miss the opportunity to cook again and for a special person, of course.

I have had no sleep yet. I arrived at home at 4:10am. I went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. Unfortunately, since I am dizzy from lack of sleep, I decided to doze for an hour. I woke up at around 5:30 am to start cooking. Sleepy as I was, I needed to finish cooking before noon. So, I took the ingredients from the freezer and set them off to cool.. then came the chopping of the ingredients… During times when the mixture was still in the bowl, I had to prepare the ingredients for the other dish. So, I was literally doing two dishes at the same time. Whew!

At around 10am, I was almost done, we were kinda fixing the schedule, as I needed to go to the market to get some crabs, a cake and a dozen donuts for Christmas Eve. There was quite a dispute between my aunt and my mom. Its a sad thing though because it was my mom's birthday and they were fighting. Its a pity to see your mom cry and you can't even do something about it. No amount of yelling could ever make my aunt listen. Its a very stupid thing that they were fighting about. Even my sisters can't help but cry, but its their argument, we shouldn't mess up with them. Only if they'd try to hurt my mom, that, I'll definitely get back on them… Sigh… its an ugly Christmas season. ity that they have to go to Mass only to waste their time not understanding what it is really about Christmas that they should understand.

Oh, well, my honey came at around 11am to pick up the pasta that I cooked for them. I prayed hard that they'd like it. I'm actually fussy about this because I don't cook much, ergo, I am very sensitive about the feedback I get from the few dishes that I cook. But, nonetheless, at least, I gave my best. An old sweet friend of mine once said, that, the taste shouldn't really matter if you gave it your best. And I sure did!

Later that afternoon, or evening I suppose (since I've lost track of time then), I received a message from my honey saying that they liked the taste of the pasta dish that I cooked. Then, the remaining of that day, I only remember to be time I spent for sleeping. :P I only stayed with them until they can all relax, and I can go to sleep (finally). The exchanging of gifts, we did immediately after dinner. I got a new towel from my mom, three cute gadgets from the office exchanging of gifts, and a beautiful earth colored shawl (which I'm going to use for room decor) from my honey.