I've tried ringed planners, fell in love with Kikki K, but then I realised that I prefer my planning system without ring.

The simplicity of notebooks and bullet journaling was perfect. I found myself writing more and more than I used to when I used my ringed planners.

I studied the best pattern and style for me and now, I'm sticking to it.

June 1

My setup:

  1. Thick notebook cover. Real or faux leather is okay but I prefer them to be a little bit stiff. I have tried some local artisan work and found that I love the leather and quality of 11-11 handmade ph 😊

    Blue leather from 1111 handmadeph

  2. If my notebook has pockets, I would love that. If not, use of kraft folders is an alternative.

    WP Color Crush TN pockets

  3. I can't draw, or that I hate what comes out of trying 😂, hence I prefer to print out my own layout. I tried several styles until I landed on a day on 2 pages. This allows me to journal on the go with reference to my daily requirements. Saves me money buying another journal for writing.

    Day on 2 pages: CraftingNyey

    Click here to buy this insert: https://www.etsy.com/listing/276732308/do2p-for-tn-regular-size-with-habits

  4. I prefer my inserts to be: annual, monthly and another for my cat (she's geriatric so I monitor a lot on a daily basis). Keeping everything on a monthly basis makes archiving easier and other info tracking better compartmentalised, IMHO. The annual insert holds the info that I need with me for the whole year: forward planning, birthday lists, events list, sellers list, foods that are good/bad for me, etc.

    Monthly booklet: CraftingNyey

    Click here to buy this booklet: https://www.etsy.com/listing/292067013/monthly-booklet-for-tn-regular-size

  5. I don't carry stickers. I have one zip lock pouch for my important prescriptions and some id photos in case of emergency. I also carry one card slot insert for keeping instax photos of my cat and loved ones plus some room to spare for calling cards.

    photos + calling cards

  6. I also clip my cat's health booklet at the back so it never gets lost or left behind when needed.

    Cat health record

  7. I don't do paperclips. I love page magnets instead. I so love love love the cat magnetic bookmarks that they recently released. 😍

    Cat bookmark

  8. I also prefer the notebook bands instead of the default elastics that usually come with it. I have one arriving soon for each of my favorite notebooks.

  9. I made my own split bookmarks for I can't find the right one for me.

    Split bookmarks from top view

    Flat view

    Get in touch if you want one of those split bookmarks. We can make one that splits into four or even more!

  10. Charms. I love charms but I hate the noise that they make so I end up with just a minimalist one at the top.

My feather charm

  1. Last but not the least, I carry a paper wallet for emergency cash. My first fauxdori (and matching paper wallet) was from this very artistic local artisan: http://aireescreates.com

Image from aireescreates

Photo grabbed from aireescreates: paper wallet

So, there. I've cut my subscriptions to planner kits and I'm selling off some items I have amassed over the last year (especially if those aren't really put to good use).

Other questions? Requests? Email me.