I shall no longer talk about petty things, for they hurt not only  myself but the one I love.  Sometimes, I do not understand how one petty thing could mean so much, whilst I call them petty, they are actually consuming a big role as of the moment.

Petty things are things that are not deserving to be spoken of for many a good reason.  First and foremost, they are of no importance at all, either to the speaker or to the listener.  For me, petty things also include those things that you do not wish to take on a bigger amount of attention.  They can either be good or bad by nature, or even nothing at all.

People do suffer mood swings from time to time, and sometimes it can be nasty.  Petty things could blow up.  I dislike being too jealous most of the time.  I hate it when I feel it, so, instead I just shrug the feeling off and divert my attention to other stuffs.  These are petty things for me.  I also pass in and out of hating someone just because of a simple matter.  Note that I do not (as I never do) keep grudges against other people.  I simply take everything as something instantaneous.  I can never be mean.  I can only hate a person for something that he or she did, but never despise the person as a whole just because of that.  I am only trying to be considerate.

But lately, petty things are choking me.  They shouldn't really get this kind of attention, but I'd like to speak my mind.  I will never again speak of petty things.  If it is petty, let it go.  If it gets any bigger than this, it can be bad.. disastrous.

Do you think this article is petty?  I'm not sure.