I like the thought that today is a generally easy day.

I like the lunch date I had today with my partner. We always get into nice chat and debates. It gives me time to laugh and exercise my thoughts away from work-related ideas. The food was good too.

I like the short but sweet laughs in the office. Lunch time is always fun time in the office. We forget about positions and heirarchies and can just be plain simple friends who can laugh about anything.

I like our seating arrangement. We can easily talk to one another. And besides, my partner sits beside me and we can easily discuss issues and new ideas.

I like our building because there is 7-eleven downstairs.

I like the staircase of the building. It gives me time and opportunity to do a little exercise.

I like my small (brown) teddy bear because it reminds me of my honey. At the same time, it relieves me from stress.

I like my boss' given links. It has lots of new ideas to introduce. Most especially this: http://headrush.typepad.com/

I like our new SNE. Its cute and makes me excited.

I like our local partner in India. He's nice to talk to, and I think he's a nice guy with lots of things to share.

I like the fact that I am into happy thoughts at this hour of the day.

I like the thought that I'd like to go on with this list.. but I think I should cut this short.  ;)