Dear Lord,

I am not strong, but I feel I want to be strong everyday I wake up.  Make me a strong person  for the ones who depend on me.

I am not happy, but give me reason to be happy.  The world is full of beautiful things.  If I cannot use my eyes, open them please.  I want to appreciate the goodness in the things that you've given mankind.

I am full of negative, but I want to be optimistic.  Give me a light, kind and generous heart so that I may feel that the world is not my burden and I shall be free of this pain.

I am weak.  I wake up tired, and end up tired from everyday's work too.  I pray you bless me with strength to overcome this weak sensation.  I do not need to infect the people around me with a gruesome attitude due to tiredness.

Lord, fill me with goodness everyday, that I may be able to restore goodness into my surroundings too.