<p>I don&#39;t know how much numbers matter.&nbsp; But I only know how much time could make a difference.&nbsp; My first relationship lasted for approximately seven years.&nbsp; Next was only approximately two months.&nbsp; And now, its three months and counting.&nbsp;

I only wanted to be in a place or a situation where I will never get to  count, nor worry when its going to end.  I am a worry wart especially when it comes to my job.  Very ultimately fuzzy about my job, but not for my personal life.  I want to be carefree and child like when it comes to enjoying the simple things around me.

Today, is the mark of another happy month that has passed by unnoticed.  Maybe I am just enjoying myself with my beloved partner.  I'm just so happy that everyday is like a breeze for us.   As time flies, I get to love him more.  The more I love him, the more I love myself.  Isn't that lovely?  Smile