Grouping yourself?!

Yep.  Cluster yourself in the net.  Group your identities into one.

Admit it, the moment you got into the net, you automatically lose a part of your privacy.  And, since the birth of Google's PageRank, the more it becomes difficult for you to associate your old works into your new persona.  You can either try to use one ID to use as your main identity or find a place to cluster all your scattered identities.

In the past, I have been known as "perceptions", or commonly as "kristeta126", and now, my writing persona as "sweetperceptions".  I have another persona right now, but it remains in private.  To date, I have many emails (even more than one GMail addy), and many online subscriptions and memberships.  I guess, all of them are under any of these public usernames, and I know all of their passwords by heart.  Since I had this OpenID URL, the new subscriptions that I had are through this.  It has saved my memory from sponging due to another data added.

As I have been browsing through many feeds, and updating my knowledge of the net's whereabouts and where's-the-fire (wtfs), I came about another service almost similar to  Just like ClaimID, Ziki is also an identity aggregator.  The idea is, if you want to make finding you on the net easy, stick all pertinent information into one location.  Moreso, if you have an old url, you may try to put the link inside, so that those who link up to your dead URL can now see the updated information, ergo, cascading of profile update may be easier.

ClaimID vs Ziki

ClaimID and Ziki, they both are available to use OpenID.  So, it was easy for me to register myself into their service.

They both allow you to set your profile and cluster links into your "one" site.  They even encourage links and feeds from other sites such as Technorati, Delicious, and other social networking sites.

The only two differences that I can note right now is that, one: ClaimID can also be used as your login ID, with the same level as that of OpenID.  It can act as an alias to your OpenID URL; two:  ClaimID uses a minimalist design vs the more elaborate and colorful design of Ziki.

Anyway, I did try them both, but I know you can pinpoint which one I like better. ;)