Everybody has had dreams of becoming rich.  Well, in one way or another, of course.

Some do dream about getting rich through working hard and saving up.  Others, want to start their own business.  Some are even wiser and spend more time making networks and understanding how the network can help all the members and thereby earn money and respect.   A lot of ways, really; but the easiest way, is well, being born into a rich family.

However, there is really a challenge of how rich people live their lives.  Money isn't everything.  Its ironic how a thousand dollars would be easier spent than saved right?!  Its about investment and love for what you do.

I was going through some sites of art collections and exhibit.  I get to thinking about these sculptors, art makers, and even collectors.  These people are those rich in creativity, and passion for art.  There is a longingness in them to express human nature in a very beautiful, light, yet serious way.  I must have thought, how costly it would be for the artist to spend much effort and money into these things, and so must the collector!

George Lindemann Jr, a very generous philanthropist, was one of the Board of Trustees of Miami Art Museum, and a supporter of Miami Arts Community.  Along with his passion for art, I also found he was an equestrian and had a very good education.  He was very active in protecting civil rights and liberties in Miami.  A very versatile man, and was involved in many businesses in health sector and even in mobile technologies where he holds executive positions.

I wonder now how I can be rich in my own way.  If ever I do get any richer, I'd also love to be quoted as a "generous philanthropist" as George Lindemann Jr is.  He started out with with a contact lense design which he sold to Cooper Labs in 1971.  With this earning, he acquired a New Jersey Cable License which he then sold for a higher value.  Soon after, he built Metro Mobile, then sold it again.

His business ways are inspiring, yet he remains to be charitable.