As you might have guessed, yes its Singapore!  Indeed its a very fine city… anywhere you go, you'll get violations!  I thought that I, having a very high regard for my disciplined actions, will never cause for something to be violated.. but, damn I'm wrong! Hehehe…

The moment we set foot at the Singapore Changi airport,  we immediately took some pictures whereas we didn't know it was prohibited.. (Nyak!) Hehehe.. good thing ignorance and proper timing saved us!  We were just alighting the plane and didn't know the rules and regulations yet, for as much as picture taking was allowed in the Philippine Airport, we assumed that it would be just okay to take shots at their airport.

It was a very very clean city! Yes, the whole place would very much speak of strict discipline and love for the country.. anybody who seemed like violating the 'unspoken' rules of the city must surely be a Filipino.. or definitely a foreigner! I loved the whole place!  Though I never got to have my roaming turned on (though I did before I left Ph), nonetheless, every thing was perfect!  The technologies that they had working for the whole country was something worth dreaming for for the use of Philippines.. It kinda inspired me to try and propose a similar system to what they are using.  I'd love it so much if we can help make living in the Philippines a little bit easier and highly technological.

Well, right now, I'm missing that place… I love their trains.  It literally connects different places in the whole of Singapore.  I love Sentosa.  I would surely want to go back there.  I love the cable cars that serve as an option of going to and fro Sentosa.  Everything about that place is cool!  I'm still amazed at how the 7pm nighttime at that place is just like 4pm here.  The sun is not very hot even at 12noon!

Sigh.. surely Singapore is a fine city. :P