Before I left Philippines, I never knew that Malaysia was just a couple of rides away from Singapore. And because we knew someone in Malaysia, we also decided to go and visit him too. After getting off at the nearest point of departure going to Malaysia, it only took us a brief bus ride to go to Malaysia. Cool eh?

Malaysia was just very similar to Philippines in most aspect, although it was quite dirty at the immigration, it wasn't the city proper yet. Though this was the case, the verification of Malaysian passport was cool. You only have to insert your passport in a slot and it gets verified automatically. Only the foreigners needed to queue for an officer to inspect their passports. I was the last one to get in Malaysia (from our group). When we got out of the immigration office, we needed to take a cab towards a place called Larkin. At that point, we only knew that one Malaysian Ringgit was equivalent to 13Philippine Peso. We asked a couple of taxi drivers there, and they said we had to pay 30RM per cab (since there were six of us). Computing the cost, it took around PhP390 to get to Larkin. Of course we never knew how far it would be for them to actually ask for such an amount. Yes, it was far, but not very much for the whole trip to amount to 30RM. Our friend said, that 30RM can already take us straight to Kuala Lumpur (the city proper)! I never thought Malaysians could only be as sneaky as Filipinos are! Oh, well.. so much for first impressions..

Larkin was actually a terminal where we can take another ride going to Kuala Lumpur. Our friend managed to get us tickets already for the 10pm bus ride to KL. The whole trip was 5hours, so we needed to take a pee before the bus leaves. At the cost of .20RM, each of us went into the comfort room only to find that we will not get the same comfort we're used to get here in our toilets!!! Their cubicle had a toilet bowl depressed on the floor. You need to squat over it for you to pee. It was quite a difficulty for me, since my pants was longer than my legs, and the floor was all wet from unknown substances.. Yell I had to roll up the edge of my pants up to the knee before I peed. It was a discomforting feeling actually, but we still managed to live with it. For the rest of the 5 hour ride, I just managed to get some sleep. It felt like we were vagabonds roaming the roads of Malaysia because we had no place else to rest. Its not a nice feeling actually, but hey, we just wanted to take advantage of the time that we had for visiting two countries in 4days!

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur by 5am. The first thing we tried to have was breakfast… which also became very difficult to do so (for me), since I cannot eat too spicy foods. Everything was darn red! Hahaha.. I just knew I was going to die from stomach ache again… I only had fried rice (Nasi goreng) with egg and yet the rice was still spicy as ever. Whew! Another 'must try' that they had there was a tea with milk. It looked cool and inviting though but I cannot try it, for another reason was that I'm lactose intolerant. Hahaha.. at that time, it felt like I really cannot live in that place! I just can't find anything good for me to eat there. We spent few more hours at the terminal before we decided to hit the road and get ready to see Petronas Twin Towers.

Arriving there, we found a long queue of people waiting to be accomodated to see the Skybridge. Whilst we were feeling very 'eeky' from not having a decent shower (since yesterday because of travel), we had to kill time to get our tickets. Fortunately, we were able to meet a Filipino Engineer there at Petronas. He was so kind enough to lead us to a comfort room where we could change and freshen up. The guys though, were not able to make it on time to freshen up because the queue started moving at exactly 0830 and gave out tickets. We were able to visit the Skybridge in two batches.

Everything about the Petronas Twin Towers was cool! I loved the Skybridge! It was hanging 472 meters from street level and that the Twin Towers had 88 floors all in all. Even the elevator was amazing! It can handle up to about 30-40 people all at the same time and can travel at 1Floor per second! coolness! ;) When we got out of Petronas, we took a couple more group pictures. I saw that they wanted to get a good shot of Petronas' height but couldn't because it was just damned too tall. What I did was, I got my jacket, laid it down on the floor, lied down and took the coolest pic I ever took in my entire life. Ito ang tunay na panalo! After doing that, almost all of the foreigners there tried to do so too. Hmmm… if only I could try and ask for a solicitation for everyone who imitated that strategy, I would've come home a little richer.. haha.. Money mouth

winning shot of petronas tower by sweetperceptions

We took many pictures there.. then headed out to another tower. I think it was the 'Wedding in the Sky Tower'. It was the third tallest tower in the whole world but we no longer went up because it was kinda expensive already and we were running out of cash and time too. I liked Malaysia though it was kinda hot.. just like it was here in the Philippines only better. We got the chance to walk the roads while taking more pics and singing like crazy. It was cool and fun to be in another country alien to your birth place. I love to travel. I never thought I could enjoy it that much, most especially that I am sharing it with a special person.

The experience too was something memorable, most especially the KFC meal that I had there before leaving for Johor Bahru. They don't have rice in KFC. They only have a roll in replacement for the rice that we are used to eating for every meal. It was cool for people who do diet by keeping rice out of their meal intake. Even so, the food was still very spicy; even potato wedges were spicy!

After that, we took another bus ride from KL to Johor Bahru. Another 5hour trip it was.. and we were back again at Singapore.