<p>I&#39;m sitting here in my room.&nbsp; I could have gone with him and his family for a trip to places in Manila where I can relax and just have fun, but here I am, I chose to do my filthy work.

Since morning, I've been wanting to finish this boring work.  I carefully slip into work stuffs and into downloads and into non work related things.  I just can't get this focus to hold still.  I resent the air that fills this very room.  Its getting dark now, but still no work gets completed.

I look at pictures, I try to clean my folders.  I come across our pictures at the office.  Those where times when I wouldn't have known that we would end up together.  I saw pictures that made me feel different emotions.  Some of anger, resentment, hate, love, and even jealousy.  I feel twisted.  My mind is wracking thoughts of unknown origin.  I hate it when this happens. 

I feel hungry for stuffs that I'm not supposed to eat, so I munch on a left over Mr. Chips pack from the kitchen.  I grab a cup of Reese's chocolate, and one mini bar of toblerone.  All of which, are food not for me to eat.  Sigh… Mama comes home.  She's bought me a couple of handkerchiefs that she proudly says, "Ayan, sayo ang mga panlalaking panyo… buti naman at di na kayo magkakapalit-palit pa.."  Hmmm.. I've got weird taste, yeah?

I went outside to refill my 1.4L of water jug for it was near empty already.  I only take warm water.  I hate cold water most of the times.  I caught sight of mini oranges in a net on the dinner table.  I take on, quickly peels of the outside covering and munched on it before I got back to my room.  What a senseless day!  I can only brag about having completed downloading the three albums of my favorite Chillout/Ambient artist and I'm now copying it all to my phone.

Then what?  I wanted to SMS him, but I know he must be busy or for all I know, he might be driving.  I don't want to interrupt, although I'm dying from missing him.  Yeah, that must be it.  I miss him bad right now.  I really do.