<p>I am not feeling well today. I tried to go to our little Christmas lunch celebration at Tong Yang. Though I did not want to, I didn&#39;t want to disappoint my monito in case he/she is expecting a present from me. I was unprepared to come to this event because my mind was almost made up that I will not go, but for my honey not to be disappointed too, I came.

Going there was hell, eating there was quite okay (but its too cold), and going home was kinda hell too. But, anyway, its still easier because I'm not alone. Though it was my first time to eat there, I enjoyed it because I was able to cook. (Haha, here comes the hidden cooking Chris!) It was kinda motivating because I was able to cook for the one I love. I didn't mind if I got soiled a bit, or anything.. I just enjoyed it, because I did not only cook for myself.

Just a note, I was happy everyone from the office showed up. Its nice that they should know who I'm with right now… and one who makes me truly happy.