<p>Last night, my honey just gave me a very nice idea.&nbsp; We were talking about whatever-goes again.. and we suddenly came into discussing how hard it is to find the book I want to read.&nbsp; Then, he gave me an idea of posting the things that I so long to find, but cannot.&nbsp; Though it might be attainable, it is very far from my reach right now.&nbsp; And so, here goes some of the items that I want to find.&nbsp; These are items that I did not put in my <a href="http://sweetperceptions.blog.com/1342730/" title="wishlist" target="_blank">wishlist</a>, because to differentiate, these are items that I want but cannot find (you&#39;ll only see them on the net), whilst the others in the <a href="http://sweetperceptions.blog.com/1342730/" title="wishlist" target="_blank">wishlist</a>, I know where to find them&#8230; only I&#39;m restrained or limited by some factors.


These items are not arranged by priority..

1.  A VCD/DVD of "The Brave Little Toaster".

2.  A book entitled: "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne.

3.  Violin sheets that are not for beginners only.

4.  Albums by Zero 7.

5.  A VCD/DVD of "Jumanji". 

Hmmm… I know there are more, but I'm kinda sleepy already so, I'll cut this short, I'll put in some more later. ;)

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