Everything grandeur comes with a working plan.

My honey and I, we plan to start a wonderful home.  We have carefully planned out the items that we’d have to prepare for.  We’ve contracted an architect to design the perfect house (though not big, but just the way we want it).  There are so many aspects to consider, yet the excitement is incomparable!

Each time I visit the mall, I take a look around and imagine what kinds of appliances we’d like to buy first, what colors, what styles, and also consider his preferences.  More often than not, I find that we share almost similar preferences in color, style and even in cost! :D I just can’t wait to start filling the future house with stuffs we both love!

We wanted a house with a garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 comfort rooms, dining and kitchen, sala and a library.  We didn’t want to miss the library section since we both love to read.  We envision the house to be sleek in design.  We are minimalists, and we don’t want excessive design for the room and the facad in general.  My honey is talking to the architect right now, and we can’t wait to see the outcome of his design. Right now, we’re also on the lookout for beautiful house designs.  He’s looking into buying some design magazines wherein we can adapt some ideas for the design, while I, by some luck or coincidence, found this site from an Adobe Photoshop magazine from the office.  It was call Preconstruct.  I visited the link recently and found it very interesting.

Preconstruct can actually show you how your model (for a commercial building or residential home) could look like using animation and graphics.  I saw this in one of the articles in the magazine at the office, and found it worthwhile to look at.  What they can really provide as benefit to us, is saving us time in conceptualizing the facade that would fit in our desired house model.  I’d really want to give them a call.  The question is, would my better half approve of its cost? ;)

We’re also planning to put some consideration on the quality and make of materials that we might need for this, considering having the house on a long term stability.. its really not like we have something like an American Home Shield here in the Philippines who can help out with home services in the long run.  In the end, its just not about beauty, but the efficiency and quality of the house that will make it good and beautiful.

So many thoughts to think about.. so many factors to consider.. but oh well, all in the name of starting a good home.. :)