<p>I was awaken this morning by a beep on my cellphone.&nbsp; Duh, it was 07:29AM.&nbsp; I had only 4hours of sleep.&nbsp; My bestfriend&#39;s husband is coming over to hand over some cash and pick up an aircon.&nbsp; Sigh&#8230; I wish I can still go back to sleep after he arrives.&nbsp; I picture he&#39;ll just hand over the money, and I&#39;ll go back to sleep&#8230; Hehe, but that wasn&#39;t how it went anyway.

I got up and fixed myself (not yet taking a shower by the way).  I had to look decently sane from last night's coding marathon.  Sigh… After he handed over the money and checked out the aircon, he went off already (since he just came out of the office from a night shift's work).. hehe, we were just working last night.. but he, he gets to sleep when he goes home, while I get to work the whole day.

Another sigh.. I had a nap at around 1PM, only to wake up a quarter before 2PM.  I don't know, I kinda feel excited, eager to finish my work.  So, to cut the long story short, I had been sitting infront of this PC for since 7:40AM til now 10PM (less 45minutes of sleep).

Goodness!  I better get some rest now.. I still have to jog first thing tomorrow!