I may appear stubborn, straight-headed and strong from the outside, ready to take on any challenge that may come my way and hopefully triumph over it, but beneath this very strong and confident facade lies a very childlike heart of mine that breaks easily and loves truly.

I heard a bad news today, and I am sad.  I am sad that it made me cry.  I was feeling kinda sick when around 9pm, I took a nap and had waken up just a few minutes ago.  I started to read on the article for today in my Didache, just before reading the actual scripture.  The message just broke my heart.

The article was about some medical people out in the pursuit of helping out women who have special conditions.  (I can't even begin to describe it for it makes me sad)  This couple, they love helping out people that they literally go begging other people for funds just to help out these poor women!  How lucky is the man who hears out the cry of their hearts to help out people beyond reasonable logic!

I know, I have that glow too.  Some may have considered me stupid for doing the things I do or even relate it to martyrdom.. but here is to what they say: I firmly believe that I have helped out the execution of an inspiration for others.  What I do best is do sacrifice at its finest, and wait for results.. results that depend not so much on the personal gratification side, but on making other people happy.

I want to turn this bad news around.  I hope that in my prayers, I'd be heard.  I know my thoughts and my aching right now has no bearing to that person whatsoever, but I am honestly saying, I ache because I already love them.  I am very sentimental, and yes, I cry a lot.   But these tears for them, they are all genuine.