<p><em>&quot;I&#39;m a man who has experienced things that most people never even dream of, and who went beyond all the usual limits in his search for both pleasure and knowledge.&nbsp; A man who found paradise when he thought he was a prisoner to the hell of routine and family, and who found hell when he could at last enjoy paradise and total freedom.&nbsp; That&#39;s who I am, a man who has been both good and evil throughout his life, perhaps the person most fitted to reply to my own question about the essence of humanity&#8211;and that&#39;s why I&#39;m here.&nbsp; I know what you&#39;re going to ask next.&quot;</em>

This is a very intriguing line for which, at first, I believe I could relate to, but pondering at the fact that the character expressing this statement is the Devil, I dare not compare.

But true, this man (devil cloaking as a stranger), could very well be just about anyone in this world.  Even I could say, I am like him.  In his words, in his thoughts we are all both good and evil.  Everyone too has their own plan to satisfy their curiosity.