Inspired by chillicheesecai

I think I've heard these words before… I think.. coz, if ever I did hear them, I've already forgotten about them the next instant.

I don't believe this. I'm a realist. I have being overly optimistic only to breakdown a second later since all ideals were lost. I think that man can never be complete (unless he passes away). Am I cruel?? ..nah.. I don't think so. Its how life is anyway.

Man was never designed to be fulfilled with one achievement. One thing leads to another. You have this, the next second you want something else. Its actually more about wanting what you choose and choosing what you want. If ever "You complete me" is given on an instantaneous basis, then, well in good, and praise the Lord! :D But, I can never understand how such a phrase could be given to encompass a certain period of time (let alone discussing forever).

I beg you guys, not to say these. And I beg you girls, not to believe them. If your man completes you, then he'd never ever want anything else, right? Well, that is ridiculous! In the real world, you'd always want something better. Completion is instantaneous. Even a project, once completed can be revamped, destroyed and rebuilt the second after it was completed.

If there is completion inside a man's heart, why should you need to wander? ..wander away from the only thing that completes you??

I know my last statement makes sense, coz for me, it does. :)