<p>I have my Gmail as my primary email (primary since I have so many more emails that I keep, almost one for each big email providers).&nbsp; Here, I use to put in all important mails, and group all my RSS in my <a href="http://reader.google.com" title="Google Reader" target="_blank">Google Reader</a>. &nbsp;</p>

I used to be astounded by the fact that I can chat with friends while checking my mail.  I really don't have to leave one window while I do more than one thing!  Its really great having Google Chat inside Gmail.  But then, when I leave my Gmail, I sign in to Google Talk in my desktop (well, that is, when I'm using my Windows top).  At the office, I can't have the same privilege, since most of the time, I only have my reader open instead of the Gmail window.  This way, I cannot  monitor who amongst my friends are logged in their Gmail accounts.

But lo!  I have read Lifehacker's post on Google Talk.  I didn't know you could do this!  Now, I can read all my RSS and still be seing my friends on Google.  Nice!!! Perfectly sweet!!! :D