More than two decades ago, we first heard of Dr. Dolittle in that Eddie Murphy comedy movie. It was very novel at that time and fun to watch animals really talk to him as natural as the English language. Who didn't think this was a great work of fiction, right? I know, I did!

The fascination

I remember, in the year 2010, my first cat (the one I consider my soulmate), Nyey was a little over 10 years of age, when I had the interest to talk to her. She was very much my own child and I had experienced caring for her since she was born. I was so keen to understand her preferences, to honor her choices in life and also to include her in my decision making. I had hoped for and searched for ways to be able to "talk" to her. It was then that I learned of them, called "Pet psychics", who can communicate with animals. Being I'm a bit of a psychic myself back then, I chose to reach out to a psychic in the US (PS: I'm still friends with her up to this time!)

It was the most beautiful thing money could pay for! Being that I am from the Philippines, every dollar is expensive. My cat is my soulmate, and it was a cheap price for me to pay to be able to communicate with her. Back then, my questions started simple. I would ask her what she wanted for her birthday, if she was happy, if she liked her food, etc. Over time, we formed a deeper bond because of this. I would look at her and talk to her in our native language knowing that I had this confidence that she understood the language of my heart.

Ms. Nyey, my soulmate

The trigger

As she grew older, my questions became more profound. "I need to know if you are in pain"; "I want to make you feel more comfortable, is this cat house accessible for you?"; "I need to do X (this) for you, I really need your consent". She and I became closer and inseparable. Each time we did this "communication", it's like our hearts exchanged energies and we became brighter and stronger together... until she passed away and left me devastated.

Her passing indeed left a hole in my heart--the same heart that welled with so much joy and happiness after each communication with her. This kicked me into a downward spiral to depression--from which I found my calling!

I came back to my animal communicator friend after some time and reached out to my cat on the rainbow bridge. Her message, her words resonated deep inside that void she left inside of me, and I vowed to make her proud of me one day.

The birth of an animal communicator

I decided to talk to her myself. This is how it started.

I scoured for the right teacher. It was tough to find one who resonated with me. I had to really try. When finally finding the right one, it felt like home, safe and supported. That's when my gifts were nourished. My teacher, Cheri, empowered us, her students and taught us in a very supportive way.

At first, it felt unnatural, crazy, almost. But when you get the details that you don't know and really see the animal's personality, that's really what got me going. It took me more than two years to finally give in, and offer my skills to the public.

I'm a certified animal communicator. I'm also a Reiki master. My journey has taken me from healing myself to healing others, and now, my goal is to give animals a voice to reach out to us, their human guardians.

Enter Voiceless Whispers

My mornings usually start with asking my cats what they want to eat. Why? They also have preferences. While it's true that they are creatures of habit, they also have moods, energy levels and tolerance levels. Since we, the human guardians, are usually pre-occupied with thoughts of what's going down for our day, we don't hear them as much, even if they send us loud messages.

Prior to understanding how to "communicate" with them, I would waste food. I would end up throwing away cans and cans of food (to our community stray cats). I couldn't afford to waste the cat food, that's why we bring down the food to the usual spots of our community strays. Now, my cats and I, we're in sync. I can buy cat food with confidence that they will be eagerly consumed like favorites when served. I am also able to identify their quirks in terms of food bowl colors and placement and timing.

These days, my cats communicate to me more easily and I can reach out to them if I have a grave concern (like my two male cats always fighting). The house feels more harmonious and restful (until they will all start playing and throwing around the pillows and boxes around the house!).

What Voiceless Whispers can offer

I provide services for healing and animal reading. As a Reiki master, I am able to impart Reiki healing for your animal in the way they need it. I am also able to impart healing through other modalities, if the animal would be adverse to Reiki.

More importantly, I want to give your animal a voice to express themselves to reply to your queries and also send their message to you.

When you have the confidence that you and your animal is in sync and is working together towards a common goal, it will be a more meaningful companionship. Knowing what your animal wants/needs contributes to them feeling more loved and appreciated in your life. Moreover, consulting them about big decisions in your life such as getting married, moving to a different house, and travel plans will make them understand that they are important for you.

Isn't this how we'd like to treat our animal companions? We call them our fur babies, right?

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Hoping to talk to your animals soon!