There was a time (not so very long ago), when I was suffering from asthma. I was always out of breath whenever I run/swim. I was prescribed an inhaler. From my perspective, it was a sad turn of life event because, even though I come from a family where asthma was prominent (father's genes), I never had it when I was younger.

Sad as I was, I just said to myself, it could've been worse. Two pumps in the morning, two in the evening. I can live with that, right? However, since I moved, I think the river near the area was causing my asthma to be triggered. I would suffer from endless sneezing in either the morning or the evening. I wake up feeling very very tired, like I didn't sleep at all, or if I'm lucky, just stuffy nose in the morning. Story of my life. I would sometimes feel better when I'm outside (no air conditioning, even with some air pollution).

I tried to look for a better solution. Being a believer of crystals and gemstones, I stumbled upon the Himalayan Salt Lamp's benefits and an article that lists reasons why you'd need one for yourself. I knew I just got to try it for myself.

Shameless plug, I got my lamp from these awesome guys: Makati Crystals at Makati Cinema Square.

PS: If you end up visiting them, let them know I influenced you haha. I don't get a discount, but I just want to make them feel happy

My experience

I got a ~5kg lamp which I put in my bedroom. The benefit kicked in the next morning. How could I not become a convert, when I woke like I really had an uninterrupted 8-hour sleep. My body wasn't in any form of pain, lungs weren't heavy, no stuffy nose! No endless sneezing too!

My bedside 5kgs Himalayan Salt Lamp

What just happened to me?? That was the only thing that was different that night!

So, I decided not to take my puff that day just for kicks. A day passed, and then more days and I never felt the need to use my inhaler.

To date, it has been almost two months, that I didn't need my inhaler. It is happily sleeping in my bedside drawer.

Working experience

While I noticed that it has helped me with my breathing problems, I also found that I'm attracted to staying near it. Why? It's so pretty. Just kidding..

It made me feel more focused. If being focused means more keyboard strokes, less time reading & understanding articles, etc. It meant 100% productivity for me. And why should I not rave about it??!

I tried to move the heavy bedroom lamp on top of my desk, and viola, day turned into night and I wasn't even tired working infront of a big iMac + Macbook Air. Usually, just working on the desktop screen drains me, but during that time, I felt really awesome. To top that day, I had some more energy singing karaoke from YouTube!

So.. here I am, getting my second Himalayan lamp. A baby-sized one (at 2kgs) for my work station. Oh yeah! I'm one happy camper!

workstation baby Himalayan salt lamp

Not yet convinced? Well, I may not be very convincing. You should try one first!

_PS: If you're also working on a computer for most of the day, consider getting yourself one of these computer glasses here:

Peace out!