Last night, I happened to pass by my YM account to check some mail.  I was surprised to see many friends online.  The only way I thought of greeting them all at the same time was to post a status that would call out a “Happy Easter” to them all.

I noticed too that a friend of mine has changed his avatar (Its not unusual for me to notice.. it has not changed for a long time).  :D So, I gave him a buzz to have a short chat with him.  He’s a Malaysian, but he likes to call himself a “multi-nationall guy” since he’s been around the world and had different names too (though he loves to be called “Juan dela Cruz”).  ;)He screwed his hair up yesterday and surely, he looks a lot different now from the last time he was here in the Philippines.  I sure do miss this guy.  He’s one cool guy I’ve met, and one of the few foreigner friends (co-worker) that I had.  Yesterday, he showed me some of his flickr photos.  He was definitely looking good as compared to back when he was still here (its because he was an alcoholic here.. lolz! peace, Yada yada!)  It seems too that this guys is having so much fun being the bachelor that he is.. He’s only too worried he’s getting fat.. lolz (you’re not fat.. I swear! :) )

Anyway, I’d just like to share a cool photo of his that I found in his account (of course I have permission from him).  I got amused by the cool photos he had, and these two photos are the best shots of him.  I like the first one better cause, though he was supposed to act like James Bond there, with a serious face and all, he was smiling instead! Hahaha.. I guess he just was overwhelmed with so much fun from the shoot. ;) The second one was cool too, though only Yada Yada looked like the most serious one in the picture and all the others seemed like they are going to explode with laughter any minute. :P

To Yada Yada: I wonder when you’re gonna swing by to have summer here in the Philippines? ;) But, ah, well, I guess you need a lot of time to check on Grace.. hahaha! :D Peace out friend! Take care! :)