There was I time, I can remember, that among the people who were first to plunge into the internet's big swimming pool always had with them a specific signature.  At the birth of email addresses, everyone was yearning to have the best email service available.  Back then it was from Yahoo! and Hotmail.  Then there came about few others.  Your email address is like your personal address in space.  It's where people can get in touch with you from whatever console they have and from wherever part of the world.  Soon enough though, like many hackers out there who want to be recognized by patronizing negativism and bad marketing, they learned how to spam emails.  I too am guilty of trying ;) , but of course I didn't do so, out of respect for people's privacy and my own reputation.

Everyday, the internet space became cheaper.  Yes, you're hearing me right.  C-h-e-a-p-e-r  by the day.  Not too long enough, even the 'commoners' have gotten the ability to 'buy' their own hub online.  Next thing you know, email signatures are already a thing of the past!  Now, every offline document have already adjusted their spaces for you to fill in your email address and your personal URL.  Email signatures no longer contain merely contact numbers, but also their personal URLs.  Some go after dot coms, while others try to find a free hosting.  I've been there too, myself, only, I'm too damn busy to maintain my own site.

When I had my own site before (I won't tell you the URL anymore..), I used to create my own blogging API.  I tell you, it was quite a beauty back then.  So, I was blogging since that time, I believe it was early 2005.  Soon after, I thought about making the most out of free services, since the fad right now is traffic increase (whereas, it used to be more conservative some couple of years ago).  I got myself an I.PH blog, where I was formerly known as perceptions.  When it became inactive, and I had a few shifts of personal changes, I hopped back into writing and introduced a new persona, who is, sweetperceptions.

Now, why am I telling you this.  Two things.

First, blogging is becoming rampant, if not totally a fad right now.  Its proving to be more of an advantage to the online writer than a disadvantage.  I believe that the more people write their thoughts, the more they think about things–new things that can eventually get another head thinking a great and crazy idea.  I believe this is what social networking must really be about.

Second, the iblog3 Summit is coming up, and I guess, for the newbies out there and for the veteran writer too, please do attend.  Here, you'll get to know more about blogging, understand what it takes to blog, some do's and don'ts, and a lot more.  There should be ethics in writing stuffs too and also ethics for reading and commenting, mind you.  I think this is a must for bloggers wannabe and for the all time writers out there.  You wanna know more about this?  Please visit the iblog3 site.