<blockquote><p>nakakainis talaga maging empleyado lang12:02 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />pipilitin kang gawin lahat kahit na sa tingin mo mali<br />12:02 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />sa tingin ko ito talaga problema ko ever since the world began<br />12:02 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />ayokong gawin yung sa tingin ko eh mali<br />12:03 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />pero kahit mali sa iba at tama para sa akin gagawin ko<br />12:03 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />pero yun naman din ang reason kung bat ka binigyan ng utak ng Diyos diba?<br />12:03 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />atsaka logic. think for yourself<br />12:04 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />haaayy. i don&#8217;t want to lift a finger and so something that&#8217;s not coming from my heart and yet I DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE<br />12:04 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />how will i ever get myself to work on it<br />12:04 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />its inevitable<br />12:05 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />if only i can blindfold my senses and logic and willpower.. then everything would be alright <br />12:05 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />i&#8217;m really not that kind of person who would give in to what I DO NOT BELIEVE IN<br />12:05 PM<br />&nbsp;<br />jeez.. life is one big crap driven by worldy things. really, its annoying and its making men pathetic.. unbearable</p></blockquote>