<p>Seriously, I like it when people give words of wisdom, or even share their own joys and/or sorrows.&nbsp; Even those people who leave good thoughts and advices are alright.&nbsp; Its okay.&nbsp; But if you don&#8217;t tell me who you are or if that I find that you picked my blog for your random message, I can&#8217;t help but feel spammed/stalked/creeped up.&nbsp; I found the same message in another blog I share with my honey.</p>

You can never force your partner to be faithful in the same way
That a normal relationship should be.
What’s important is at the end of the day,
You find each other side by side and you’re happy knowing that he’s yours.
We need to enjoy the relationship while its there,
‘Coz if you waste your time in doubts and insecurities,
You’ll never appreciate how wonderful it is to fall in love.
Remember, to get hurt is a fact that we bargain when we choose to love. 

 - Ngessshu

Nope.  No guess.  Who are you?  Your kind thoughts and beautiful message is better appreciated with a name.  I’m not really a good guesser.  I prefer discrete math.  ;)   In short.. “Thanks, but no thanks.