When I was young, I never paid attention to my dental health.  Before, I used to be brave becaused I really enjoyed my visit to my dentist.  Back then I was just around 9-10 years old.  In a short while, he left to migrate in the US.  Years gone by and I wasn’t able to give much attention to my teeth.  Neither did I attempt to find another dentist. By college, I was forced to seek dental help because we were required to submit dental as well as medical certificates.

I already found myself and my family a dentist.  Twice every year, I bring the whole family with me to have their teeth checked up.  This way I could prevent any dental problems.  Every six months, we make it a point to visit my friend dentist so that we could address our dental problems.  Its really hard during these times.. since its payback time.. hehe.. the longer your time is on the operating table, then it means longer endurance required.

But after each cleaning session, we always love to unwind.. and we relax by eating! Haha!