Since last weekend, I’ve been feeling burned out from work.  The whole “Frank storm” experience over the weekend could’ve brought me more time to rest since there was on and off power failure that lasted for hours throught saturday and sunday.  What I really got from this was insomnia.  I was able to sleep for just 2 hours.  Come sunday, I really felt bad because of the weather.  I wasn’t able to report to work by monday, yet my honey decided that we watch the movie so that I’d get time away from the house and work.

It was a relief and we got to unwind by watching “Get Smart”.  It was fun because the whole movie was a laugh trip. Steve portrayed Maxwell Smart who was the Analyst of Control (an undercover agency).  He was actually ‘not so good’ since it was just his first time in field work, but he was the best Analyst that they ever had.  He was actually a very diligent worker who lived up to his principle that

“The enemy is the enemy because they do what we don’t do.. but this doesn’t mean that they are bad people.  They only do what they think is right, and that they are human too”
I really think he made a point.  To me, it made a lot of sense.  I’ve been reading about “Your worst enemy is your best teacher” and that book has told me more about learning from my enemy, and treating them no different than how I treat myself.

Its hard at first, if you would look at it in a way that would only put you in the center of all your actions.. but if you go out of your shell, and see from the perspective of your ‘enemy’.. you will see that they are good people who do only what they think is right.

Maxwell was the agent who worked hard for his ambition to come true, yet people undermined his ability since he’s been stuck behind the 8-5 deskwork at the office.  He’s proven everybody that he was great.. actually so great that he was not promoted for doing the best job wherein everyone sucked.  I think that he was so good with being an analyst which actually equipped him with the best tools and skills that a field agent really needed.  And his best asset.. is actually his poker face! :D

I really loved the part where he was dancing with the fat lady!  His less than accurate moves sometimes brought him luck and jinx at the same time, while his charm did the rest.  I admire his optimism and undying determination.. and most of all, I love his understanding of human behavior.

He may not be the best field agent, but he is Smart! ;)