Techie is a term, derivative of the word technology, for a person that displays a great, quite possibly even obsessive, interest in technology, as well as high-tech devices, particularly computers. Notably, techies express a disregard for any technology that could possibly be considered obsolete, even if the technology or process in question might only be considered obsolete within the techie community. Consequently, techies are also often early adopters. From Wikipedia
Sometimes being a techie is such a complication in living an ordinary life.  Sometimes it can boost or pull your ego to a certain level.  It depends on the situation.  I have often been mistaken for some simple girl who doesn't even know how to compose an email or even as a company worker who doesn't even know that there is such a thing called social networking site.  Ah, well, its better to take them by surprise.. but there are other things…


I arrive home late (most of the time).  I schedule a lot of things to deliver for my sideline projects.  Streamlining my activities and alloting strict schedules for each of them, I try to live within my ideal timeline.

My deadline was June 21, a thursday.  I was just in time for some more final touches in the code, and minor documentation along with it then delivery just before it hits midnight… suddenly, I cannot connect to the internet.  WHY???  In God's good name, why?  I pick up the phone and dial the ever undying rescue number (which in truth is a call center that buffers client rage) of my internet service provider, that of which, I can't and won't even want to call my brother.

Ever ready with the details they require (from being accustomed to making this usual phone call), I now proceed with my complaint.  "I cannot log into my portal".  A simple statement.. but ended up as being such a complicated phone call.

Agent: Mam, what browser do you use? Mozilla Firefox Agent: Ah, ok.  Have you tried clearing your cache, mam? Yes, I always do, when I close my browser. Agent: How about the cookies mam? I do not keep any information stored when I close my browser. Agent: Ah, I see.  Mam, what system are you using? (Assuming it means operating system..) I am using Ubuntu. Agent: Okay po.  Let's use the windows browser instead. Excuse me?  Windows browser? Agent: Yes mam.  Let's use the windows browser to open the portal.  (sounding a bit irritated) Hmm.. are you sure about the "windows browser"?  Don't you mean "Internet Explorer"? Agent: Ah, yes po.  IE, I mean. Okay.  (Good thing I also use IEs4Linux for dev't purposes)

**Not the actual conversation.  Conclusion:  ego> unmoved, mood> irritated


Depressed that I cannot do anything to updated my profile, I called my internet service provider's call center again.

Agent: Yes mam, what is your concern? I can't edit my profile. Agent: Ah, mam, please proceed to the section at the left and click "Edit Profile" Yes, I'm in that page now, looking at the edit form. Agent: Yes mam, you can update any fields there by typing in the new one. Yes, I know, but I cannot update my details upon submitting the form. Agent: Mam, please make sure that you made some changes. Of course, I did.  The problem is, the field for the primary email address is uneditable. Agent: Mam, you just need to click on the box and type a new one. No, the thing is, the field is uneditable.  It does not allow its value to be changed.  (note that I am already defining what uneditable means). Agent: Yes mam, it can be edited once you change its value. Uhm, the thing is, the primary email field contains a correctly formatted email, unfortunately it is aggregated to another "@" sign at its right thereby making it a wrong format for the email.  This is what prevents me from updating my information.  I'd like to have my password and my phone number updated but cannot because of this error. Agent: Ah, opo.  Yes mam, actually the primary email is to be changed to @wifi… and no longer @meri… (Oh my gosh, I need a sane rep please!).  No, you're not getting my point.. (then the whole explanation is to be repeated again)

**Not the actual conversation.  Conclusion:  ego> unmoved, mood> irritated

Due to some scenarios similar to those cited above, I'm planning to switch into another internet service provider.  I saw a huge ad by Pioneer street, and I think I'm gonna move to that one soon.  I think its gonna make my life easier.  but then again.. I'd wonder about.. is it an asymmetric or symmetric connection, or how much kbps is guaranteed for up/down stream?  Would my connection be shared?  Is my area saturated with users from this provider?  If yes, what statistics can I have to aid me in my analysis for decision-making?  Do they have a wireless subscription?  If no, how much more to pay for the additional line? … and then the cycle repeats.

How come the lay user skips all these and jump to the "happily ever after" section of the story?  While the techie goes through a lot of stuffs? Techie stuffs.. is it to complicate? or to ease up things?