1.  You wake up in the morning, and you suddenly remember your codes… or, you dreamt of a code, and feel positive that its the solution you've been thinking about for quite sometime now.
2.  You can't do without having a notebook and a pen to quickly scribble down your flowcharts or pseudocodes.  Sometimes, you even keep receipts and make them serve as quick notes.
3.  You know a couple of languages that you can write code with.  You come up with a short exercise and try to implement it in all languages that you know.
4.  When a request is made for something and it sounds so simple, you give suggestions on implementations that you've never done before.  (Hehe.. sounds fun!)
5.  You write a piece of code in 10lines, and you are unhappy, you'll try to refactor and clean.
6.  When a situation calls for an analogy of a "yes" or "no", you demonstrate it as a "0" or its a "1".  When someone says: "2+3=5", you say it as: "x+y=z"
7.  Coding is more fun than playing or watching movie.  code vs sleep
8.  You can't easily appreciate billboards, and other details, but when errors are involved, you can easily detect it.
9.  You hate being disturbed when coding.  This is a taboo.  DND.
10. And my last item… you write love letters in digital format! ..as in code your love letters using your favorite script.  :)

I hope I'm not yet a geek programmer. Lolz… :)