I am human
No superhero here
I do not wish to save or rescue anybody
I only want to help however I can
But does that make me one?

Superheroes don't fall in love
If I am one, will I also not?

They cover their faces
In the fear that they shall lose privacy
But in the course of loving everyone,
Won't you also lose yours?

I don't want to save you
Only come to me when you need a friend
I'll be there for you
Weep with you
Laugh with you
Dance with you
Play with you
But never to rescue you

I am human
I don't want to be a superhero

Be a friend too
I don't need admirers..
If my hands are dirty
Make them known to me

Don't praise me
Or flatter me
I do not live in fantasies
I live in reality

So, if you find you want to fly with me
Please, I am not what you need
Open your eyes.. I am only human
Who only need a friend to be with me