If I stop, would I think?
If I sleep, would I think?
If I eat, would I think?
How and when should I not think?
I want to know.

If I think and I only think of you,
then I also feel. I hurt.
How and when must I not get hurt?
I want to know.

When I stop, and I think and I feel and get hurt,
my eyes well out tears that are bitter to each drop.
When should they stop?

I cry for I am afraid to love again.
I cry for I want to love, but cannot.
My heart says go, my mind says ho!

If in time, my heart heals,
when must my mind stop thinking?
For only at that time,
my mind will set my heart free.

The heart beats for love..
Love for friends,
Love for a romantic partner.
The heart gets hurt,
and heals in time..
But the mind thinks for the body..
for the body that houses the heart.
The mind will never forget,
for even when I rest,
I remember the pain..
And then it'll start all over again.