My life essentially starts the moment I think of work in the wee hours of the morning.  The moment my eyes open, all work details rush to me as if my brain suddenly became an open information gateway which was just down for a sync or such.

Technically, it takes 3 rounds of snoozes from my cellphone before I totally awaken.  Its like saying, waking up 30minutes after my alarm.  Damn!  I just can't beat a brain!  ..Maybe I have to set a random alarm so that I just wouldn't know when it was actually ringing.  That'll make me curious and fully roused up.

It takes me about 30-45 minutes to get dressed and all prepared to go to work.  I usually go through bullet points of things to do while in the shower.  I follow a routine of dressing up.  One step of dressing up cannot be done before the other one.  If one falls short of its given time range, everything gets offsetted.  I take breakfast (optional when I'm in a hurry) when I'm dressed and brush my teeth last before stepping out of the house.

Then I take a couple of minutes walk  from my usually commuiting drop off point towards the building of the office.  This will allow me to enjoy the morning sunshine.  I only use the elevator when going up in the morning and no more for the rest of the day (except when its urgent–but usually, climbing the stairs is faster).  When I get to the office, I head off straight to my PC.  From that point on, you can't stop Maricris from working.

Usually, I marvel at how time flies within the day.  I send an average of at least 5-10 emails a day.  I do a lot of friggin multitasking (though I usually hate it coz it lessens the quality of work I produce).  Like talking to a group of people in a meeting over the net while chatting with business contacts and even while composing an email.  From time to time, I only get reminded to take a break by my grumbling tummy and on designated breaktimes.  Most of the time I take my lunch at around 2-3pm.  I'm always caught in between something important that I just can't miss completing.

Then at nearly 6pm (out end of working hours), I'm still crunching on some reporting and updates.  Most probably, if I say I'll leave at 6pm, I'll be leaving by 6:30pm or 7pm at least.  Then you must think I'll be heading home and lounging around in a cozy sofa while watching TV… but no!

I'll go home, grab something to eat (though sometimes I'm just not hungry).  I'll hit my room and slip into something more comfortable, then open my PC.  Check my mails, post into my blog then log off.  I'll be working on either an overtime thingy that I can do remotely or work on another sideline.  Sometimes, these things rip me off.   I end up tired in the morning, excited in the evening and all the time in between is spent infront of the PC monitor.

This lifestyle is almost killing me.  Almost.. just don't nag me.  It's what keeps me at the brink of my sanity.  Solitude.  Just leave me in peace, and I won't snap.  Don't worry.  Most likely, even when I'm quiet, I'm working something at the back of my mind.

Life is work.  Work is me.  This is just a small dose of my life.