My youngest sister needed to film a mini play for a school project.  She had it cooking up from the plot, script, cast and even up to the props.  (She's more like her ate, always playing the lead, but always finding an excuse to do most of the work).  This was a project for their English subject.

Whenever she needed help with some proofreading, ideas and even to the items they needed for props, she'd approach me and mama.  Of course, being the supportive family members that we are, we'd always help her out.  But for this last favor, I definitely could not be the right person to ask.  They needed someone to do the video editing.  Yaiks! :P

I asked my honey if he knew how to do this.. he just said he'd ask his younger brother.  Bedik is more computer savvy than my honey when it comes to phone utilities, and media stuffs; so he was definitely the man of the hour!  We (my sister and I) went to their place last night to ask for help in editing my sister's project.  It was a total of 20 minutes for the MPEG raw file. 

First, my sister and Bedik had to slice all the unnecessary scenes, and then put them together in one good sequencing.  Whew!  This was the tedious part.. believe me!  and here are evidence that we (my honey and i) got bored from this phase of editing.  Next was the fun part!!! :D We put in the introduction and opening credits.  This took most of the time, since we needed to experiment on which styles to use for the font, size and animation style.  While my sister was sleeping, we also had time and much fun putting in the transitions of each scene.  This consumed most of the time.  We needed to do tests in between scenes to see if the audio clips matched the scene, if the transition effect was good for the next clip, and even adjust the volume of the main audio per clip.  Another important thing to consider was putting in the right timing for each element.  This was quite hard and time consuming.

We started out at 8pm, after having dinner at their place, and completed the editing at around 3:15AM.  It was really fun, though it was kinda a nagging thought that we bugged their whole place til the wee hours of the morning.  :P My honey even had to drive just to see us get home safely.

Well, after all is said and done, and without further adieu, I'd like to present to you the work of different minds and different actors playing different skills for the perfection of this video (and part2).  And in the end, it wasn't just another video film.  It was a film quite fun to remember.