<p><font size="4">All people who walked in Darkness have witnessed the Light</font>

My body was so heavy this dawn when I woke up. My feet were both aching still from walking the whole day to check out sfuffs to buy for presents.

Since this was the second day and it was a sunday, there were many who came. Even my Mama and youngest sister came with us. Mama, she didn't sleep the whole night for she was out in a gimmick. She just came by the time that we were about to leave for the Mass.

All I can remember was the story that the celebrant gave us about this rich Maggi who wanted to see Christ so much, but was always late. He was late when he heard the news that Mary gave birth to Jesus, and so he did not get to see them at this barn. He was also late to arrive at the temple where Jesus first preached. And late still at the time that Jesus died on the cross and resurrected. He never got to see Him at the times when the others were there to witness His glory. He was always late.

He felt the walked in darkness following Jesus wherever He went and whatever happened in His life. He was blind, but he followed Him endlessly. When his riches and his own life was running out, so his faith too was running out. He was about to give up, when he turned around and saw Jesus there, standing just behind him. And when he fell, Jesus picked him up and told him that he was just always there, and that he doesn't need to go anywhere in order to find Him. I believe that we are like this Maggi in a way. I, I speak for myself this day. This day that I am feeling so lonely and sad about how things are happening right now with an aspect of my life. I can't seem to find the light, though I know I will in God's time.

Right now, I'll only have to dwell on the fact that God has never forsaken me, all I need is to understand why He has done these things for me, and to my best, act on them as He has provided me with skills in life in order that I might fulfill His ultimate plan.

I will hang on. I plan to hang on, especially for the ones who believes in me so much.