I realised, I won't be alone.  I'm not even alone right now.

I'm gonna have to understand, that I do not live alone, and that I should also try to play nice at times.  I just don't want to over react, or overdo things, but moreso, level down the uptakes and the pressures.  Now, more than ever, I must pick up lessons from what is happening.  I must learn to value that everything turns around.. just slowly sometimes and when we're pressed, its because we're at the bottom of the wheel.

I will try to be strong.  I'd stick around and try to be the wall where everyone might try to hit or press onto.  But that wall's gonna have a heart that can make it recover each time it'll be hit.  I'm gonna be strong because I want to be strong and happy for those who need me.. for those who love me.

I will put my whole trust in Him..

Going home, I passed by the church.  I prayed to Him, just like I was speaking to Him and letting out all the negative things that happened to me today and pouring out my feelings to Him like He was just my bestfriend.  I got to understand something.  It's really amazing how God truly speaks to you in different ways, but more importantly, He speaks to us through our own prayers.

Finally, I understood that I had to go through a lot for me to take in some changes, push me to shape up and understand my environment and the people inside it.   I had to goof up some interview and feel greatly ashamed of it, maybe so that I could try to stay where I am, or realise that there'd be so much if I try to drive myself to be better rather than sticking with what I already know and just stay there.

Thank God, I have ears to listen to you.