My nerve wracking weekend hasn’t gone finished yet.

Somehow, I feel so delighted by the pictures that my online friend, Gerard has been sharing with me. Thanks so much for these pictures. I’d also love to share my own photos to you soon. :) I love all the church photos, the flowers and the bible with the rosary (that is what I actually love the most). It was this day that I received a photo of the rainbow he got that day.

Somehow the photo reminded me that there is still something to look forward to. Things may look turbulent, very unpeaceful, unstable and all, but yes, there will be a good tomorrow. I do not want to linger on sad thoughts. There are many people who love me so much and I don’t want them all to go hurting.

Though I was somehow agitated with that bite I had incurred from my cat, my honey was always there for me. I’m happy to be blessed with people who love me. I love my honey, I love my new found friends. I love the old ones too, though I’m becoming busier everyday, they will always be just a the back of my head, trying to figure out if they are doing okay or not. (Hoy Ian, kamusta ka na??)

Today too, we had the first conference call with the company’s partner, who never seemed to get along well with me, and the meeting was some meeting for the morning. I hated it when that happens, when your morning gets ruined by someone else who doesn’t even think nicely of you. Yeah… well, shit happens (mostly during mornings and on a monday) :P

Nonetheless, I still have so many things to thank Him for.