I've been busy with ultimately no-weekend weekends.  Busy with all the things that need to be done, without resting for a bit to sleep, have fun or just do nothing.  Everything is about stuff that other people need, and that of which wherein time is of the essence.  Too busy even to breathe and have exercise.

I have been sacrificing ultimately to reach my goals and to help out my family in whatever it is that I can offer help to them.  I do not count the efforts that have not been returned, nor praised.. only in the hope that I would not be spited because of other items I have failed to accomplish.  With all of these pains and hurt, I do pray for more strength.

I'm happy to have heard the Prayer of Sacrifice from the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice last saturday when my mom and I heard mass that morning of my sister's UPCAT.  It is a blessing to have been graced with such a wonderful, meaningful prayer that somehow replenished my sould that has been running dry of motivation and will power to keep doing what I need to do.  With this, I want to pray with everyone who reads this post.  May we all be blessed with strength, happiness and perseverance to do what is right at all times.

Prayer of Sacrifice

Lord of the Holy Sacrifice, your saving oblation on the cross has given me new life. May I always recall your holy sacrifice on the cross and do it in remembrance of you. When tempted by selfishness, inspire me to be taken as an unworthy sacrifice. When burdened by envy, let me become an instrument of blessing for others. When afflicted by anger and pride, grant me the humility to be broken and given for others. When unsettled by anguish and troubled by worries, give me encouragement.

May your Spirit move my heart to see in your outstretched arms your loving embrace of everyone that I, too, may welcome others with the same love in an open hand. Teach my mind and direct my will to humbly endure the pain of undeserved suffering even when my intent was good and done what is right. May I understand that it is in the holy sacrifice of your wounds that my brokenness is healed. May I see in your sacrifice on the cross not only death and defeat but victory and life.

Loving Father, may the holy sacrifice of your Son cleanse my soul, strengthen my heart, pardon my past and restore me in your peace. May I always adore you by uniting myself in His holy sacrifice, the sacrament of your divine love. May I learn to sacrifice my own comfort, plans and dreams if it is not for your glory and the good of others.

With Mary, the mother of Jesus, who joined her heart with the sacrifice of her Son, may I become a holy sacrifice of love and service for others. Gathered around the altar of love, may all be united in listening to your word and sharing the one bread and cup and become one people, offering one holy sacrifice. Amen.