I am fond of both (plants and zombies). LOL. I love watching horror movies, and I'm so freakin' scared of Zombies. Never from ghosts, but always from zombies!

My friend recently shared with me this game called "Plants vs. Zombies". This is a game by PopCap. He gave me a mac copy of this game. I'm not really a gamer.. more of a workaholic because I don't want to spend much time playing games instead of learning new things or working on coding items.. but this game is really nice!

Its been almost two weeks since I got this game and I'm not yet finished with it. It barely has 50 stages to complete but its a really cool game. Imagine, you'll be fighting zombies in a not-so-gory way! Who would have thought that plants could really fight for you to defend your backyard!

I have already died a couple of times. :P Imagine, this game is so easy, and yet I keep on dying! LOL. My friend, and my honey have both been enjoying their undefeated success for over 40 stages already! For me, what's really great about this game is that its fun unlocking different seeds of the most creative herbal species I've ever seen! Its like waiting to experiment the best combination of plants to fight for you.

At level 4, I have seen a flying zombie, a quarterback zombie, a jack-in-the-box zombie, and even a swimming zombie! Well, I still have my favorite snow pea shooter, the cherry bomb, the zombie eater, and not to forget the sunshrooms and the sunflower too!!!

Watch it here.. and see if you won't agree with me:
Plants vs. Zombies Game Trailer

There's my surprise at every stage that I play whenever I discover what a certain plant/zombie can do! LOL. I really can't take my hands off this game..

*Author caught switching to Plants vs. Zombies to play. Get your own dose here instead. DND.