Until this year, I was never a fan of planners. I used to join the bandwagon of coffee and tea drinking to help someone else earn stickers or stamps--all for the glory of a well earned, branded planner.

Take your pick. There's Starbucks and there's Coffee Bean. The others promote xmas mugs and tumblers too!

Starbucks planners

CBTL Giving Journal

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hungrymoon/

Oh, and its not just the coffee shops! I recently saw that Watson's has their own version of a seasonal planner. Others are niches. The BDJ planner, for example, is one that's cut for women. It has menstrual chart, health related checklist, etc. Some are created by schools and organizations, like the Thomasian Planner by UST, in which I was also involved in.

cover-image BDJ Planner

Thomasian Planner

It all boils down to having something to write into.. not just like a notebook type of use, but for planning. PLANNING from the root word PLAN. If you have no clue to what you plan to do for your next year, then its definitely not the best gift you.

Planners are best cut for people who love to wish, hope, dream, plan. Its for tracking progress, and guaranteeing success. Sure, it makes you look cool from December to February probably, but the serious ones keep to their planners to follow their goals and attain success.

So, is a planner really your thing? Which planner is best for you? Let's see.

Criteria CBTL Starbucks BDJ Thomasian
Lightweight 1 2 3 4
Color choices X 1 X X
Design choices X X X 1
For women X X 1 X
Cost 1 2 3 4
Accessibility 1 1 4 3
Getting a planner is a nice start to start living the life you want for the coming new year! Go ahead and get one for yourself! I'm already starting to fill in my vision board! I'm sooo loving my CBTL planner! :)

Advanced happy new year!!!