Some question the validity and accuracy of dreams.  But do you know how dreams may be classified? Dreams have different approaches.

  1. There are dreams of aspirations.  These are the things that you want to happen, some repressed ambitions, manifestations of longings.

  2. There are dreams of current life.  These would often describe the situation of your waking life but in symbolic manners.  You could live back to childhood days, up to current time.

  3. There are dreams of warnings, and or predictions. These are rare ones, and sometimes harder to determine.  These are future times that are depicted through symbols that you would understand.

  4. There are dreams of the past, and recollections of your past lives.  Sometimes you dream that you are a male (if you're a female, and vice versa) and in another country, etc.  Our subconscious retains snapshots of these lives and sometimes demonstrate themselves again through dreams to either recall the experience or memory depending on the context that could help you with your current life.

It depends on how you understand your dreams.  Its best that you keep a dream journal and identify your dreams everytime. :) Your dreams are quite valid, 90% of the time.  Its only up to the dreamer to decipher their meanings and use it to improve their lives.

For me, they are quite accurate.  I sometimes use my dreams to answer waking life's questions. And they do match! :)  Enjoy your dreams!