I started reading this book today: Don't just do what I tell you, do what needs to be done. as I was waiting at the clinic for my turn.

The title is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. This is called the Ultimate Expectation on every employee. And I think it applies to a very broad aspect as well.

The book gives a few tips that I certainly agree with.
1. Make your job more difficult
2. Think how things could be improved.
3. Become the office cheapskate.
4. Ask silly questions.
5. Turn needs into opportunities.
6. Don't be a complainer.

I believe most of these things I'm already practising on a daily basis. But I particularly like the first and the last. I think its gonna be a good read. I'll be sharing more about what I learn from the book soon enough.

I bet if there's going to be more patients before my turn, I'm gonna finish this in one seating!