I didn't realize until earlier this evening that there have been several gestures of man that is known to psychically protect him. We all have energy fields. Energy fields do not really correlate to the amount of rest / sleep that we get, but in the strength and stability of our aura. This is why we sometimes wake up feeling tired and exhausted; or drained after a day's work or maybe just after talking to somebody.

Energy fields need protection as well, just as much as we protect our physical body through clothing. With experience and recent awareness, I have found that the following acts can and would be able to protect your energy field.

  1. Crossing of legs. Women can conserve their energy infront or amongst other people when they cross legs. No wonder that most do, especially when they are focused into something. Men also do this, especially when they want to concentrate. Preventing the loss from your energy field could make you attune more to what you're currently doing.

Cross legs (female)

Cross legs (male)

  1. Crossing of arms. Though they say its quite rude to do this, especially during interviews, notice that most people usually cross their arms before a sarcastic or bold statement. This actually prepares them for the impact that the other person would make on their energy fields. Its like closing up immediately right before they make an attack.

Jensen Ackles crossing arms

  1. Interlacing of fingers. This is the best way you can prevent loss of energy field while you're in an interview or a formal talk. When you do this, make sure that the person sees you interlocking your fingers on top of a desk. It would even serve as a positive hint that you are restrained, organized, transparent and polite.

cover-image Interlocked fingers

  1. Clutching at pillow at your tummy. Whenever you're in another house for a visit, grab the nearest seat with a pillow in it and cover your tummy. Your solar plexus is found in the center of the digestive system and protects your energy field from being directly attacked, especially since you're not in your own house and the energy inside is not familiar to you.

  2. Removing a hat and placing it at your tummy. This is commonly used as a polite gesture in Western culture. Men and women take off their hats when meeting another person and usually place their head ornaments infront of their tummy as they exchange acquaintances. This protects you from a direct psychic attack on your energy field, especially since the person is new to you.

Hopefully, by consciously working on these easy steps, you may find that you'll be able to conserve energy at the right places, at the right time and on the appropriate situations.