I don't like the Dark Knight.  I even hate it that he has risen.. but oh, I prefer "Batman".

I just watched the movie last night, after almost a week and a half (I think) since it was open in the theaters.  I was wondering if there would still be many people inside the cinema (lo and behold, yes, the cinema was still packed).  There were only two schedules of screening in one night.  My knee jerk reaction?  Wow, its that long?! Its got to be good!  The last time I remember watching something very long was The Lord of the Rings!

So, there was this incident in Colorado, which was "The Dark Knight"-inspired.  People are getting weirder everyday, don't you think??  And as we were in the queue to enter the cinema, there were some teenagers infront of the queue.  Of course, it really didn't matter that they were very noisy and really 'loud'.  Making some big gestures and really just about annoying other people in the area.  None of it mattered to me, except the fact that it made me feel uncomfortable (and probably for a good reason).

And there we were.  I was waiting to be amazed, I even turned off my phone to avoid distractions.  Within the first 30 minutes, my date fell asleep.  Yep, it was boring.  Music was occasionally loud, so you'd be tempted to look.  The story is extremely predictable, such that you would be expecting many curtains; but it something that could've been delivered by avoiding too many unnecessary dialogues and scenes.  Why would I need to see the entire scene of Harvey Dent's death commemoration only to highlight the shadow of an onlooker?  Only to introduce Anne the first time?  Only to show that a speech revealing the truth is hidden in the coat of Commissioner Gordon? And there are a lot more other scenes that I think was dragging and weren't really needed.

At I think was almost an hour, my back was hurting from sitting too long and not even flinching.  The movie was telling me to move because I was bored!  I remember sitting in an entire 2 hour movie but didn't even try to leave because every scene was a must see; but here?  I didn't get that feeling.  I knew I could walk outside for awhile and still come back to pickup the same understanding of the plot.

There were several interesting things though.  I liked the twist of Miranda becoming the real culprit in the story.  And I loved the story about the pit.  I think it was very symbolic and truly inspiring.  The first time I saw them jumping for the ledge, I thought why not loose the rope and jump?  The mind gives you limitations only because of the things you tie on you.  A rope pulls, it tugs; therefore it can't set you free.  Its pretty interesting as well to see that the real cause of everything was Bruce Wayne.  There can never be an imbalance.  One who holds most of the riches and secrets in one city?  Obviously this was a recipe for disaster.  And oh, I like the bike and the bat girl _

Bat girl on the big bike

The bat girl

His protruding vertebrae was also something that presented challenge to the story.  How can one man with his desire to save his city begin to execute his plans when he's unable to free himself from physical pain?  I found that it was extremely an act of courage to push yourself to go that far.  The only trouble in depicting this courageous act was the timer in the reactor.  I'm not quite sure why the reactor started counting down from 57 hours with a couple of minutes.  Or was that even days to begin with?  Is it just me or the display was really wrong? :P

The movie was still a happy ending.  Batman was just pure awesome.  He saved the day.  Yup, that was what everyone was expecting.  We just sat for an entire 2 hours and 50 minutes (give or take) to see how Bruce Wayne will retire as Batman? LOL.  That was funny for me, but not for the teenagers who boisterously made a commotion inside the cinema.

cover-image Dark knight team

They started a fight (I believe amongst themselves, or the guys infront of them).  The whole cinema went wild.  Some paused only to look.  Others got close to video the entire fight.  They started with throwing water bottles at each other; rolled onto the stairs, started punching each other while yelling, etc.

I really wish there wouldn't be any more 'Dark' Knight movies.  I wish they would just use 'Batman'.  I now understand why so many incidences are linked to the movie.  There is just cite and highlight of the negative energy in the title, its like calling out to the 'darker' nature of the movie watchers.

So there, no more 'Dark Knight'.  Let him be 'Batman'.