So, I made purchase of my first ever gun at the most recent Gun Show at Megatrade Hall in Megamall last July 20.  I have been gun shooting for awhile now and I really loved this new hobby.

cover-image Gen4 Glock 22

Anyway, here's how I can be of any assistance to those who don't know what to do or what to expect in buying their gun and fulfilling requirements.

Buying your gun

  1. Make sure you really want this.  This is nothing trivial.  You would really need to allot some time, money and effort in pursuing this.

  2. Pick the right gun for the right purpose.  You need to clearly identify this beforehand.  Ask for some experts' advise on what is best for you.

  3. Scout for the costing of the gun of your choice.  It is wise to buy your gun during gunshows because prices are usually discounted and you will have the privilege of assistance by the sellers.  Bring a downpayment amount of usually 15K or above.

  4. If you don't have any idea yet, here are some of the requirements you need to prepare. Usually the sellers only allow you to complete everything within a 30-day period.

  • Government IDs.  Have at least two (2).  They shouldn't be firearm license cards nor PTCs.  Have them photocopied.
  • Tax Identification Number (photocopy only)
  • Residence Certificate (photocopy only).  Your cedula should still be valid within the same year.  If you need to get a new one and it's already past March of the year you're filing, you would get an extra taxable amount to pay for.
  • ID photos.  You will need to have this taken against a white background with you wearing a collared t-shirt / blouse.  You will need 4 pcs of a 2x2 photo and 1 pc of a 1x1 photo.
  • PNP Directorate for Intelligence Clearance w/ OR.  The seller usually assists you with getting this.  In my case, I only paid an extra PHP 100 for this.
  • If you're a private individual (like I assume you are because you are reading this), you need to prepare for an employment certificate that includes your company name, position title, date hired and the annual salary.  Sometimes, they would ask for the Company permit if your company is not that big to prove your company's existence like DTI, SEC, Mayor's Permit, Pay slip, etc.  Just be ready to submit them as necessary.
  • Gun safety seminar Certificate with SBR (PNP-FEO-Accredited Center)
  • Actual firing experience

The seminar

Now, the paperwork might be tedious, but you also have to prepare for the seminar and the firing (assuming you haven't fired a gun yet).  Here are some things to take note of:

  1. Be in the right mood and the right attitude.  Do not go if you are cranky, sleepy or too tired.
  2. Come in the right attire.  Don't wear too loose clothing and too many accessories.  Try to wear 3/4 sleeves if you're a female.  No heels.  Rubber shoes are advised.  Also, if you have not so good eyesight, best to wear your contact lenses too.
  3. Bring the right tools.  Shooting ear muffs and yellow lens shooting eyewearwould be a necessity (unless you wanna share the range's tools).  It is best you purchase one for yourself prior to this seminar / firing experience.

    Sprinto clear lens

    Ear muffs

    <li>Arrive at the seminar earlier than starting time.  This allows you to be more comfortable and understand the process.  You will be required to fill out a form for the seminar.  There are questions to be answered on the back.  (Usually the seller store will help you with these questions--or even give you a cheat sheet)</li>
    <li>Pay attention to the details of gripping the gun, the proper stance, and the safety rules.  Also take note of the default protocols involved in "self defense".  The different permits will also be discussed and how to transport your gun.</li>
    <li>Know where the firing will take place.  If you don't have a car, best to take a cab if the range is not within the seller's vicinity.</li>
    <li>You will be given a "name tag" (defined as: your name written on a masking tape) to be tapered in your midsection.  When in the range, a photo of you holding the gun (with your trigger finger in place) assuming a shooting position.</li>
    <li>After your photo has been taken, you will then do an actual firing.  They say that you must hit at least 3 bullets in alpha score to pass the test.  (At the point of writing, I am not sure whether I have passed or not, but it seems that the scoring is not significant in the processing / issuing of your license).In the range, you will be given a default gun to handle--usually a .45 caliber.  They do the loading of bullets for you--usually only 6. There are several cardboard targets, don't worry they are just about 5 meters away from you, so it's most likely you'll hit them. :)</li>
    <li>Have fun enjoying the only 6 bullets for you.  Cross your fingers and hope to pass!</li>

Gun firing at Camp Crame firing range

See the short clip of the last bullet fired here:

So there, I hope that this helps ease out your worry, eliminate some stresses and come prepared without flaws.  And oh, if you're a girl and you're reading this, be prepared to be the only cynosure of the crowd.  So be at your best and be the tough muse! ;)