I once was able to sample this pasta at the house of a friend who happens to be a Muslim (converted from Catholic). It was her daughter's birthday and she was able to prepare this pasta. I have a usual dislike for pasta, but I managed to try it (with coercion from my other friends). I did not regret it. I liked the taste so much (just like the ones who also sampled my cooking).

So, without further adieu, and to satisfy my friends from requesting this recipe, once and for all, I'm posting this for you guys. I hope that you will spread the cheer about this dish. Enjoy cooking! Remember, that its not the end product that matters most.. for me, great cooking is achieved from the process of making it, and from offering your masterpiece to a special person/occasion.

Kaniloni Pasta

  • a middle east delicacy

Ingredients (for every kilo of pasta):

  1. 1 can of Champignon mushroom (big)
  2. 2 cans of Nestle cream (big)
  3. 1 pack of cooked chicken ham
  4. 1 bag of green peas
  5. 4 Knorr Chicken broth cubes
  6. 1 kilo of pasta
  7. Butter


  1. Cook pasta.
  2. Drain the can of mushroom. Slice mushroom into bite size pieces
  3. Slice ham into small squares.
  4. Saute mushroom, ham and green peas in a bowl (malalim enough)
  5. Dissolve broth cubes in a half cup of tap water.
  6. Pour in broth mixture into the bowl.
  7. Pour in Nestle cream and keep stirring.
  8. Add more cups of tap water until the mixture is flowy. (di malapot). This is important because the mixture will be absorbed by the pasta.
  9. Let it cool a little before pouring onto the cooked pasta (para di malusaw yung pasta).

Happy cooking!