I have often heard that women like men because most men are funny.  I have no such preference, more so, be specific with picking a funny man to be my mate.

Though my partner is a funny guy, it doesn't naturally follow that I fell for him because he was funny.  I liked him for many other reasons, but his humor was one of these.  And, of course, in the past, I had a partner who had a good sense of humor too.

I love to laugh.  They (based on some readings) say, men are regarded as funny when they can throw a good joke, or know how to take embarrassment from time to time.  For women, they say, we have a good sense of humor if we know how to laugh at men's jokes.  Okay, let's face it.. some of the best quotes we receive are jokes.  Most are green, though it doesn't need to be a green joke for them to b deserving of a good laugh.  And, let's face it too that, we sometimes find some jokes to be corny, but we still laugh at it simply because it was well delivered.  And, in the end, this leaves a good mark for the joker to be remembered.

Who wouldn't want to be around a funny person?  This person can cheer you up whether its inadvertent or not.  You'd remember more of the funny things he does and that may lighten you up.  At times, the funny guy would leave only happy thoughts for you to ponder upon, whilst the serious guy would seem very intense on situations.  Is this the reason why women love to be around funny men?

Funny men loves to be funny because of so many reasons.  Some of these reasons, I am not aware of.  I asked my partner before, why he loves to joke around.  He said, he just wants to make people happy.  Who doesn't?  Is there any person at all who wants people to hate them? or see people around him sad?  Of course not.

But why is a funny man or attractive?  I found some stuffs on the net that says, it is true, that funny men look sexy, attractive (at least that is what they say).

When I’ve asked stand-up comics to account for the preponderance of men in their business, I’ve gotten the kind of answer evolutionary psychologists would give: funny men are winners in the mating game. A reader named Beevod (a male, I’d guess) put it succinctly: “Make a woman laugh and she’s yours for life.” Women can be hilarious (cf. Sarah Silverman), but fewer of them bother trying because they don’t get the same rewards for it.

Professor Provine demonstrated this difference by analyzing more than 3,000 personal ads in newspapers in eight American cities, keeping track of how often people sought someone with a sense of humor, and how often they advertised themselves as being funny. He found that women sought laughter more than they promised it, whereas for men it was the reverse: they were more likely to advertise their own sense of humor. “The evidence is clear,” he writes in “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation,” his 2000 book. “Women seek men who make them laugh, and men are anxious to to comply with this request.”

From The New York Times, The Laugh Gap Explained (Item #3)

And some more..

The Study: “The influence of humor on desirability,” Evolution and Human Behavior, Jan. 2006

The Findings: Psychologists Eric Bressler and Sigal Balshine enlisted 210 undergraduate psychology students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, to consider, for class credit, photographs of campus peers. Each photo was paired with a remark that was ostensibly funny (“My high school was so rough, we had our own coroner”) or ostensibly dull (“I like having friends over for dinner”). Women found the “funny” men most desirable, and a follow-up study showed that men preferred women who were receptive to their jokes.

Why Bother? The scientists acknowledged in their paper the well-established observation that “humor is . . . more readily appreciated in the presence of others” but wondered why it is that women prefer funny guys. Could the phenomenon be a matter of Darwinian survival? The lead scientist declined an interview, but the paper suggests that studies like it further our understanding of evolution by pinpointing which human traits might confer survival advantages. One theory is that men may “produce humor more” to help “monopolize the reproductive potential of more than one woman,” a.k.a. to spread their genes.

From PopSciCOM Item #9

¾ women like men for their sense of humour more than looks

From Dr. Petra Boynton's Men are facing dating 'minefield'

"Women see men with a sense of humour as dangerous and sexy, while men see [the reverse] as threatening. Basically, what it comes down to is that humour is a mark of intelligence. Many men don't really want to be the recipient of a cutting remark in public that will make them look small or stupid."

From nzherald.co.nz Funny women don't often impress men

The evidence is pretty compelling. Knockout movie star Jennifer Aniston is dating big galoot Vince Vaughn. Television star Heather Locklear is seeing dorky David Spade. Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy is apparently an item with knockabout funnyman Jim Carrey. And now there is word that "Spider-Man" sweetheart Kirsten Dunst is sweet on "Saturday Night Live" comic Andy Samberg.

In every case, the attraction seems to be the same. When a news service reporter asked a friend of Dunst's what she sees in Samberg, the reply could have worked for any of the beauty-and-the- geek relationships — "She just thinks he's funny."

Do you see what is happening here? If not, let's let Julie Lynch, vice president for alliances for TalkPlus Inc. in Menlo Park, spell it out for you.

"Funny," Lynch says, "is the new sexy."

From SFGate.com's It's funny, but beauties seem drawn to geeks

From The Why Files' The Sex Appeal of humor is no joke.
And yet, there are still some logic into choosing your man based on other reasons, like how this question closed in Yahoo Answers:  Waht do girls like in men? Is it the "tough guy" or is it someone sensative or funny. What qualities? =

So, my partner is funny (or at lest that is how he regards himself).  So, should I be worried about this??  He says I also have a good sense of humor.  You wanna know why?  ..he says its because I can laugh at his jokes.  Goodness! :D I should have thought of it.. and shouldn't have asked! Hehe..

How about you? Is your man funny?  Men, how do you react?? :)