I have watched it before, but was never able to finish it.  Just this weekend, my youngest sis bought two sets of DVDs of Hunter x Hunter series.   At first, it was like, duh.. I come out of my room and see her watching it.  I eat, I sleep, and she's still watching it.  It has never tired her of reading the painfully small translation of the series itself.  I wonder if she'll get to wear glasses at the end of the complete series

I got home, and saw her still watching it.  So, I said, guess there's no point arguing that the television set seems to be displaying on anime characters and nothing more. :P So, I sat down beside her, and my honey too (who seemed to be drawn the the anime series–who actually confessed he's not seen Hunter x Hunter! OMG!) :P

Seems, even I myself am amazed at Gon.. really.  I liked Kurapica and Killua better because they seemed to be mysterious and really had powers themselves, but it is in the simple mindedness of Gon that I am really amazed.  Aside from being simple minded, he's also very optimistic, determined and not judgmental.

If you know Hunter x Hunter, I'm sure you'd also agree, though he's a very naive kid, his charms has gotten him way ahead of the others.  And I think I should also try and adopt some of his ways.  His life is stress free and always happy..

Sigh, I hope there's an easy way to be like him.  :)