I have long been a fan of shopping online. Since I had my very first credit card (which, up to date, has never increased its credit limit--this came from the bank I hate the most. LOL), I have learned to use Paypal and much so.. buy things online! I've made purchases from clothes, to books, to accessories, and now to cool gadgets! Weeeee!

The most challenging part so far, is actually including the shipping cost and some tax due upon receipt of the purchase. Its very hard at first since I'm quite used to buying things personally, like shopping from the malls. Sometimes though, I would have to resort to shopping online when I cannot find the items myself. I've encountered so many experiences in buying online ranging from extreme happiness/satisfaction to extreme sadness/disatisfaction. Some items look better in photos, while some are way better in physical form.

Most of the time, I resort to keeping a wish list for these online available items because I would always have to consider the shipping expense. Its when I can no longer sleep peacefully that I would have to really really drive myself to make the purchase no matter what! :P (which I kinda did recently). I've been eyeing a couple of things though from my favorite store--ThinkGeek. They aren't my favorite from the point of view of a frequently satisfied buyer.. but from the perspective of a prospective buyer. :P

They have lots of cool stuff including LED watches, with which I would love to get my hands on! I really like the binary clock LED watch on top of the others. The other items are really nice to have though. Nifty, cool and useful. :) I also found some LED watch here.

If one day I'd find myself willing to go the extra effort to make a purchase of these not-so-essentials-but-nonetheless-cool-stuff, you'd be sure to hear about them! For the meantime, I'll just eyeing of them. :P