I always thought about life looking forward. Everyone's born in weakness and we grow in strength. We start out small, young and healthy. We determine our future as we age.

But why do parents become a big part in our growth? Why do we make mistakes when we are young and spend the next years making up for those mistakes?

Watching Benjamin as he sits on the porch on a wheelchair looking out to kids playing made me contemplate harder. If kids were bound to think more about their lives because they are yet incapacitated to some extent, would you say that kids would have become better adults?

If adults at their mature thinking would have stronger younger bodies, would you say they would be more responsible?

It's an amazing idea, how nature made us the way we are. It seems to me we are clothed in flesh that decays as soon as we're born because we face a greater challenge in learning how to live life and just be better at it.

Living Life in reverse aging may prove its benefits in making us more mature humans. Wouldn't you think so?


Image source: http://www.impawards.com/2008/posters/curious_case_of_benjamin_button_ver12_xlg.jpg