Warning: I have not read any of the reviews and summary on BattleStar Galactica, so this review is going to sound fresh and original.

I've recently completed watching the series, a total of four seasons. At first, I was skeptical. I graduated from watching all seasons of Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis and the unfinished Universe) including its movie counterparts; and found a bit of difference in the hints and experience of watching BattleStar Galactica.

One of the things I really admired about this series is that everything was done on purpose. There was a strong hint of realism to this series. Everything about survival, human strengths and weaknesses, the simplicity of how we are neurally wired, etc. I found everything to be absurdly true. Given that we are put in a similar circumstance, I wouldn't have done anything heroic, nor anything far from reality.

The characters and personalities in this movie represented a vast coverage of the different towering human traits and significance. Leadership, health, integrity, flaw, faith, religion, cowardice, treachery, etc. I didn't see so much of cloaking and cinematography, but it very much conveyed realism and moved me to my senses. There aren't heavy make-ups, not too much sexy beach-bodies, not so much pretty/handsome faces.

It seemed to me, I was a hidden observer watching the fiat of less than 50,000 human survivors searching for home. There were several experiences that made me feel that the human race really didn't deserve the "saving". There was political absurdity, there was conflict in interest, there was selfishness, etc. Everything we know about humans, in all its glory and heroism and selfishness and stupidity, was portrayed there. Maybe aliens could watch this in a gist to learn about how they should understand our race! (pun intended)

To me, I think, the only thing that I didn't find so beautiful about the way this series was orchestrated. It didn't allow for its viewers to think way early before experiencing the situations that will define their characters. Every attitude, every characteristic or trait was well described before an adversity takes place. I honestly feel that it is not very friendly for those heavy thinkers because there is a very low requirement for analysis in this series. All the facts and details will be presented before used in another situation/scene.


At some point, however, my feelings about glorifying this series in all its realism and transparency is the injection of satire and religious hint. I couldn't have squirmed more in my chair, for everytime they were talking about "one god" or "the vision". I believe that this is the only part wherein a very strong "aspiration" was communicated with a strong hint of religion and faith.

I enjoyed the music they used throughout the series, particularly the cylon song. (Maybe I'm a cylon myself! LOL)

Towards the end, it felt like the story was rushed a bit, quite hurriedly actually. The story suddenly felt injected with several details they missed in the first few episodes of Season 4. Then, abruptly, they took a leap of faith to save Hera and then they found their "Earth" through the Cylon music with the help of Angel Kara.

Pffft. I never thought it would turn out to be confusing in the end. However, I still am happy that they have clearly communicated a strong sense of integrity, keeping to your values and faith in your goal as prevailing (if not 100% evident) qualities of the human race.

PS: You shouldn't watch this with minors. Too many scenes are rated R. __

But go ahead, fill yourself with the experience of living in space and continuously walking/running around on your toes while seeing to your survival. Really worth it!

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